Anessia + Joe - Sandusky Ohio Adventure Session

I took a red eye flight to the east coast to meet Anessia and Joe in Sandusky Ohio to photograph their engagements and MAN did these two have a lasting impact.

These two picked me up from a dinky starbucks and we ventured downtown and started our adventure. I’m not gonna lie, Travelling and initially adjusting to new people can be a challenge to me when I’m out of my normal environment. It takes me some time to warm up and be the truest form of myself, but NOT with these two. I felt so at home the second I started talking to them, and after spending the day with them, I realized it was all part of their loving nature.

Anessia and Joe are some of the most genuine humans I have ever worked with. From the moment I met them, I felt so at ease. I felt like I was hanging out with good friends and not people I had just met moments before. I’ve worked with quite a few couples, but these two really stood out to me. The way they moved, the way they interacted. It was so authentic. So real. It was refreshing to see a couple so in sync with one another, and so open to being the truest versions of themselves. There is not a single doubt in my mind that Anessia and Joe will have the sweetest life together, founded on their overwhelming love for adventure.

Never have I ever met humans who had such big hearts and who were just so welcoming. I left Ohio feeling a tad bit bummed I didn’t love closer to these two. We would spend our weekends brewery hoping and venturing into the mountains, but I guess for now I will have to settle with our long distance friendship. Hoping one day soon we live a heck of a lot closer to one another.

So thankful for these two, and capturing these moments for them.

Brittnee Rakosky